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Molly Monahan – Agency Principal / Investigator


Featured on the Freeform/Hulu docuseries “The Deep End.” Her work appears in Netflix’s “Evil Genius” and on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper Presents.” Sirius Investigations compiled the report featured in the Sambodha publication: https://bescofield.net


The job of a private investigator is not to advocate for anyone, but to fully research each case to discover and report the facts. Molly Monahan’s rich background in management, marketing, and a wide variety of entrepreneurial and social activities allows her to establish rapport in any interview. She can talk the most reluctant sources into supplying details that can be vital to an investigation.

Molly prefers cases that are complex and challenging, and she is most satisfied when she can expose the truth of a situation. She never tires of research into any area, and continually expands her expertise through ongoing specialized training. She has served on the Board of the Washington Association of Legal Investigators, led continuing education seminars at meetings of professional investigators, and is a frequent speaker in the University of Washington’s “Civil Investigation and the Law” course.

Molly holds citizenship in the United States , Canada, and Switzerland.

Clients will appreciate Molly’s organizational skills and timely reports. As appropriate for each project, she draws on her worldwide network of investigators, colleagues, and experts in a wide variety of fields to create optimal teams for her clients.