About Us

Sirius Investigations is a team of dynamic investigators. Because time is of the essence, we get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Molly Monahan – Agency Principal / Investigator

Molly is an avid nature lover who often treks to the mountains near Bellingham to hike and ski.

Molly Monahan brings her skills in business management, nonprofit management, marketing, and entrepreneurial activities to the investigation field. Molly can talk even the most reluctant sources into supplying details. If there is information out there to be found, she can find it. Molly has attended investigation classes with Linda Montgomery and continues to expand her expertise through ongoing specialized training. Molly has served on the Board of the Washington Association of Legal Investigators and led continung education seminars at meetings of professional investigators.

Molly is a registered process server as well as an investigator. Her rich and varied background allows her to establish rapport in any interview. She is also a mother who can talk to children in sensitive cases. She is especially interested in background reports, process serving, scene photography, video surveillance, and interviewing. In workplace investigations, she is available to embed. Attorneys will appreciate her organizational skills and persistence in gathering information in a timely fashion.

Molly holds dual citizenship in the United States and Canada, and has also lived in Switzerland. She speaks and reads German and is conversational in Japanese.

Pamela Beason – Investigator

Diver Photographing Coral Reef — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Pam is an experienced scuba diver who has explored undersea realms from British Columbia to Roatan.

Before becoming a professional investigator, Pam Beason worked as a technical writer/editor, mechanical/architectural drafter, college instructor and geological research technologist. She has two college degrees, holds a Certificate in Private Investigation from the University of Washington, and has interned with The Defender Association in Seattle. Pam attended the Redmond Citizens Police and Fire Academy to learn the language and methodology employed by first responders. She continues to attend numerous educational seminars in specialized legal matters.

Due to her experience in criminal defense investigation, business, software development, manufacturing and scientific environments, Pam comfortably interviews people in all fields and all educational and socioeconomic levels, and she can interpret a wide variety of online data, blueprints, and other documents. Pam’s special interests are pre-trial investigations and product liability issues. With her knowledge of illustration techniques and software programs, she can assist in or manage the process of creating courtroom exhibits. Attorneys will appreciate her resourcefulness and her clear, concise reports.

Pam has traveled widely and speaks and reads Spanish as well as some French.