Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you charge?
A: Whether it’s on the phone or in person, our initial consultation on a case is free of charge. After we decide that our services are a match for your needs and we begin work, Sirius Investigations charges a competitive hourly rate. In addition, we charge for expenses such as mileage, fees for faxes, copies, and specialized¬† database access, as well as any other unavoidable expenses we may incur during the course of the investigation. We always strive to be as efficient as possible.

Q: Do you require a retainer before starting work?
A: Generally speaking, yes. We will do our best to estimate the time our investigation will require, and we will ask for approximately half of that total fee in advance. We will regularly update you on our progress.

Q: Will my case be kept confidential?
A: All our investigation work is confidential. We are legally bound to communicate only with our clients.

Q: Do you work for individuals as well as for attorneys?
A: We usually work for corporations and attorneys. If an individual wishes to employ our services, that individual must agree to a background check and pay a retainer fee up front. We reserve the right to turn down any client with a criminal record or a history of suspect behavior.

Q: Do you ever do pro bono work?
A: We have to make a living, but we may occasionally donate services at a reduced cost or no-cost basis for cases in which we take a special interest.

Q: Is it fun chasing down bad guys?
A: We are professional legal investigators, not television PIs. Real investigators are bound by laws just like any other citizen. It is our job to find facts, interview people to get their stories, and document evidence and situations. The only thing we try to chase down is the truth.